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    Hi, I am Romanium that i'm considered by many people to be the world�s greatest Renekton player. I have been previously in Challenger/Master for approximately per year, primarily winning games and climbing with Renekton. Renekton�s role is different vastly with the span of this recently. Many remember season 3 top lane, where Renekton was this early game bully who destroy all melees during the early game. However, most of you may even recall the unique falling off round the Half hour mark of Renekton which has been considered back then certainly one of Renekton�s biggest weaknesses.

    Skip forward a year or two, and it is late season 5. Little Romanium was lets start on a quest-find a build that would permit him to not just retain his early game bully status, but additionally allow ease into late game without getting a meat-shield. After months of theory-crafting I finally came up with a build that could change my vision of Renekton forever. I developed the famous Romanium build-the Full AD Renekton build.

    It was during a period where I knew almost nobody who had carried this out build well, also it was quite the duty to make build work. The complete AD build did work! The first game strength was retained and maybe even stronger than ever before. I needed no issue with falling off late game since Renekton had these massive AD ratios as well as the build complemented the kit so well. One major weakness of Renekton was eliminated, i may even see the impact in win rate in ranked already. I went from low Diamond to get down in around 3 months. Skip ahead six months, I finally had hit transpire of Challenger.

    Renekton Splash

    Now you could possibly be wondering, Romanium how on the globe could you employ this glass-cannon build whilst still being carry games with a champion like Renekton, who had to be the midst of a battle to do anything right? It was an extremely strong question, one which I really couldn�t answer until I viewed my very own replays in Master ranked games. I'd personally watch my personal matches over and over until I managed to get bored and played my personal league game. Also i watched SoloRenektonOnly�s Renekton games and that�s when my answer struck-my play style with my Renekton was totally different from SoloRenektonOnly�s tanky bruiser build he was using generally in most of his videos.

    A different way to Play

    Tanky Renekton builds are incredibly limited in their reasons for continuation. You receive a kill in lane with tanky Renekton, then again what? Snowballing with tanky Renekton is almost impossible because of the way his kit works. None of his abilities scale with tanky stats. His base stats are mediocre, she has no real contribution in team fights aside from an empowered W, and even after you will have no damage and stay kited to death. Renekton has these massive AD Ratios once a couple of AD products are built, the snowballing is exponentially grown, with each and every AD item powering Renekton up much more. What�s that about Renekton falling off? Not anymore. We scale stronger in the late game. Don�t tell me a 225% AD ratio 1.5 stun will go away if I obtain a ravenous hydra, Youmuu�s Ghostblade, and a Black Cleaver and then buy more AD. The damage you are going to deal will overwhelm and catapult the game to your lead by almost really doing nothing by either splitting or fighting in small skirmishes. Renekton�s split potential is triggered the charts when you're in a position to just tiamat and q the waves to death and being able to one shot the enemy laner under turret together with your massive damage and continue killing turrets. Renekton�s skirmishing ability in my opinion could be the strongest within the game-just one shot the squishiest guy in the skirmish and also you win the skirmish, or make use of your AOE abilities to handle massive harm to each the enemies(considering a 2v2 skirmish).

    Now let�s return to the question: how can i transfer leads with a glass-cannon build in team fights? How we play Renekton in team fights while going Full AD is very unique. You have to play team fights much like how a genuine crocodile within the wild kills its prey. You hide from the back, awaiting the enemy ADC or Mage(the crocodile�s prey) to create a wrong move, than you instantly pop youmuus, Flash or E on top of the enemy, hit him with the empowered W, and just like a crocodile does together with his prey, cling on rather than let go. Hit him with a Q, and E into the direction he is running off to and you ought to have your nice meal. Now at this time your massive health pool from a Ultimate, Dominus, should start working and permit one to escape, or transition into a bruiser-ish play style through out the group fight.

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